Italian copywriter: who I am.

Italian copywriter
Andrea Butkovic, Italian writer, copywriter and journalist

I’m an Italian copywriter and I have been writing since I was young. I’m still young, if I consider my childish enthusiasm in handling and combining old and new words. The English assonance between Word and World is not by chance: every word is an entire world and writing is like the twisted course of simultaneous journeys through different dimensions. A word paints a thousand pictures.

I enjoy riding words mounting them like horses in a wild exploration. I am the Italian copywriter you are looking for if you want someone who can switch from a formal and professional style to a comic or poetical register or even to a simple and educational tone, suitable for kids.

I consider myself as a psycho-copywriter, not because of my mental precariousness, but because I’ve studied psychology and I hold an academic degree in this field. My education allows me to keep a constant eye on the issues of communication and specifically on the best way to send a message to a specific audience.

What about my SEO perspective? I only think that if someone’s writing is brilliant, it can seduce the engine which optimizes the search. Normal SEO is a technical language; poetry is poetry.

Versatile Italian copywriter

I am specialized in health and medical issues, psychology and relations, nutrition, food, travels, disability, marketing, sciences, feminism, social problems. I can write for blogs, magazines, newspapers, but I can also be a ghost writer for books and various projects.

Few words about my experiences: I’m working with the most followed Italian health and green blogs and with one of the most known digital marketing ones. I’m managing some blogs and I work as a media manager for an NGO which deals with disability. I sometimes write as an Italian copywriter for some big companies like Alitalia and I manage many freelance jobs online. Finally, I’ve recently published a book about anxiety and how to cope with it; check it out!

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Andrea Butkovic

Italian copywriter and writer: Andrea Butkovic